I am a motivated creative designer with the ability to work as a team and personally, even in stressful work environments. I'm always looking for solutions to people's problems and trying to make people feel better about their lives with new attractive, functional and innovative designs.



This is an image of the IVECO 440 truck replica that I made with cardboard at age 14.

I have been interested in Transportation design since my childhood, so I am determined to realize my long-held ambition. It's very important for me to consider people's tastes and incorporate them into my designs.

Also I've always tried to get the best version of myself.


Now, I have gained a lot of experience with the following professional tools :


Concept Design / Hand & Digital Rendering / Sketching / Catia / Solidworks / Rhinoceros / Geomagic Design X / Geomagic Studio

  Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Muse CC / PowerPoint / Powermill / Prototyping

 WireFraming /Clay Modeling



And my tools are backed with:


Design Research / Creative Problem Solving / Trend Research / Market Research / Benchmarking

Customer Insight / Future casting

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